One Point Perspective Activity Log

I was actually happy with my result this time. Well, somewhat. On the right side, it is pretty good, and gets progressively worse as you move left. This is because I started out on the back wall, then the right wall, and put off the left wall until the end. It looks like that too. Even the shading is too dark. I messed that part, especially. I wanted to make it more neat, but I couldn’t even accomplish that, so I just gave up. Otherwise, I really like the picture. It is almost perfectly rendered, and all of the lines in the middle and on the right are neat and nicely made. I think that this is one of my best works so far, since everything else was pretty bad. However, the glass case on the left side presented problems, and Mr. Nelson had to draw it for me. This is probably the first work that I can say that I actually like.

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