Still Life Activity Log

Ah, still life. The stupidest form of art ever created. This was my very first start as we began this gruesome assignment. I started with a brief sketching period, and thought I was pretty good. I was even more backed up when I looked at my neighbor’s picture and saw that theirs was no where near as good. Then I heard a commotion, and saw a masterpiece being created. I threw my eraser down in disgust, and went on to add shadow. I screwed up badly, and every thing looked “furry.” I nearly screamed at my drawing. I continued to add value, and Mr. Nelson came by and must of known that I screwed up because he helped me add value more correctly, and later got rid of the furriness. Later on, I took spme pictures of it and was not satisfied at all. When I was done, most furriness was gone, the shadows and value looked great, and I still hated still art.

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